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Agency Agreement Russia

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No no. There are no formalities as such under the Civil Code that the client must comply with when appointing an agent. The agency relationship can be established either by a written contract or by an oral agreement. However, trade agency contracts for foreign trade must be concluded in writing. In addition, delegated authority (POA) may be conferred by the contractor who authorizes it to act on behalf of the awarding entity. All of these options may include the supplier`s standard terms of sale in the sales contract. By applying the right of delivery, the distribution contract may, at the initiative of one party, provide other reasons for termination in writing to the other party (i.e. without a court order). A transactional pass is not required if the total amount payable under the agreement does not exceed $50,000 (as of November 24, 2014: $1) at the central bank of Russia`s exchange rate at the time the agreement was signed or when the last amendments to the agreement were introduced when the agreement was amended. 16.

Can the supplier limit the use of the supplier`s confidential information by a distributor during or after the expiry of the sales contract? Under Russian law, if the buyer is not aware of any defects in a supply contract, the buyer has the right to ask the supplier: the agency contract may provide for the obligation for the agent not to enter into similar agency agreements with other contracting entities that must be executed in an area that coincides in whole or in part with the territory specified in the agency agreement. It should be noted, however, that the restriction of competition does not affect customers. The contracting entity cannot restrict the agent when it sells goods or provides services for a specific category of clients or only for buyers domiciled in the territory under the contract. These conditions under the agency contract are not applicable (Article 1007, paragraph 3, bGB). Russian competition law prohibits the setting of minimum or fixed resale prices in distribution agreements (see question 3). However, the maximum resale price can be set. The amount and terms of payment of the representative`s remuneration depend on how the parties agreed in the agency agreement. If the agency agreement does not provide for a payment mechanism, the remuneration for this type of service is equivalent in comparable circumstances (Article 424, paragraph 3, BGB).

The risk that individual distributors could be treated as supplier employees is rather theoretical.