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Che Cosa Vuol Dire Agreement

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Term of contract: term of contract; in some cases, the terms of the extension may be specified (for example.B. “This agreement will last another year, unless [the other party] is otherwise notified before July 31 of each year” – “This agreement will last an additional year, unless the other party is otherwise notified before July 31 of each year”); In this way, not only is a guarantee prepared for recipient B, who knows that his work is certainly paid, but A also has an economic interest, because in the denied case where B was late and the work granted was not performed, A could easily recover the amount provided to the custodian, which would be much more difficult if the same amount had already been withdrawn to B (who eventually spent it or who, in any case, could not return it). “The purpose of the agreement must not be illegal or contrary to public order.” – it must be concluded by mutual agreement; Termination provisions: provisions relating to early termination of the contract; for example: “This agreement may be terminated by allowing any party to give the other party a written termination of at least six months” – “This agreement may be terminated by any party that informs the others in writing at least six months in advance”; Contractual obligation: this relates to the obligation to do or not to do something in accordance with the contract. When it comes to the preliminary contract and the final contract, the final agreement is considered the final agreement. It is now clear why this type of guarantee is becoming more widespread: the benefits to both parties are multiple and the risk of default of the counterparty is minimized. It goes without saying that the loyalty agreement must be expressly provided for in the main contract and must also be properly regulated: the parties must therefore indicate what is the subject of the bond, which is retained and what its obligations are, as well as, of course, the conditions under which the latter must fulfil by returning the object of the guarantee, with regard to the beneficiary or the depositor. First of all, it should be stressed that agreement and contract are not synonymous. In fact, while the agreement means “agreement,” and also “contract,” the contract only means “contract.” The contract must therefore be considered part of the agreement. In Anglo-American contract law, it is a “binding and binding contract between the parties.” However, in recent times, a form of guarantee has spread, which is not the result of our legal system, but of the Anglo-Saxon system. This is the trust agreement: fiduciary in English means guarantee, commitment, surety. “A 10-year delivery contract worth 320 million euros has been signed with the L.C Group. The right to have/to have the right to be (too) / the right to have the right: you are entitled to something or you are entitled to a subjective (contractual) right.