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Cloud Storage Agreement

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1.2. “Customer personal data,” personal data downloaded from products or otherwise transmitted to AVEVA or its representatives in accordance with the delivery of products in accordance with a valid license or other agreement with the Customer. 6.4. No specific or specific data. Unless otherwise stated in the transaction document or product schedule, the customer`s content must not contain sensitive or specific data that imposes data security, specific data protection obligations or regulatory rules applicable to AVEVA, including, but not limited to,: (i) the Health Insurance Portability and Account Act of 1996 (HIPAA); (ii) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act 1999 (GLB); (iii) all applicable laws and non-governmental standards for the protection of personal data (including the Data Security Industry Payment Card (PCI-DSS) and the Data Security Standard for Data Enforcement (PA-DSS);); (iv) any legislation on data protection, transport, storage, use and processing (including the EU General Data Protection Regulation); and (v) all applicable laws that are similar to the laws listed in subsections (i) to iv). Subject to compliance with the account terms and this agreement, your cloud storage is allocated to a storage capacity of 100GB for use on products. We reserve the right to reassign or reinstall your cloud storage capacity at any time and at our sole discretion. It is currently not possible to purchase additional cloud storage. Exceeding your cloud storage or storage capacity on your device is prohibited and may prevent you from accessing cloud storage or using it or using your device as intended. 2.7. AVEVA is used for all personal customer data processed as part of the execution of AVEVA`s commitments under this agreement: For example, if cloud storage is enabled for Gallery (the app you can use to present your favorite 3D photos, videos or models), Gallery automatically uploads compatible photos, 3D models and videos you have taken on your device in the cloud.

, and then make these files available for access via your mobile app. When cloud storage is enabled for the Settings menu, some device and user settings, app settings, shared documents, and other device-related information are automatically stored in the cloud. We (or our licensees) have all legal rights, titles and interests in cloud storage, including, but not only, the user interface, graphics and software that are available to you as a party or in conjunction with cloud storage. Nothing in this agreement grants you interest, securities or a cloud storage license or other resources that you use in connection with cloud storage. You agree to sell, rent, sell or distribute cloud storage (or part of it) for no purpose. Cloud storage can only be used for your personal use on products. You need to be connected to the corresponding product in your Magic Leap ID to access and use cloud storage. You must not allow anyone to access or use your cloud storage, and you agree to notify us immediately of a security breach in your Magic Leap ID or cloud storage.