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Commercial Tenant Representation Agreement

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These categories of services can be subdivided into specific activities. The market analysis contains averages, absorption, market size, comparable rental transactions, market trends, selected offers that meet the needs of the tenant, competitor sites, location maps, and market updates. Due Diligence may contain usage restrictions, rules, zoning, taxes, operating fees, ongoing assessments, specific building rules and rules, visits, physical inspections, leasing brochures, and owner reputation and history information. However, the tenant should require the broker to disclose its commission agreement with the lessor and reserves the right to review the commission agreement. This requirement allows the tenant to ensure that the rent charged by the lessor is not artificially inflated by excessive brokerage fees, which are passed on by the lessor as hidden costs for the tenant. Two additional points that the tenant should negotiate with the broker concern the duration of the brokerage contract. A brokerage contract should be negotiated in such a way that it ends automatically after a given period of time. Depending on the industry, the norm is that the duration of the engagement ends automatically after 6-12 months. In any case, the brokerage contract should be able to be terminated by the tenant for any reason or no reason and at any time after prior written notification from the real estate agent. The best part is that the buyer/tenant can get fair representation with little or no fees! As with all real estate, the process really starts when you contact a real estate broker or agent.

You take the time to understand your individual needs, you help develop the most appropriate characteristics, you will show and negotiate and you help to the end and often beyond. You can turn to a broker if you need space or if you want to know what is available and you just have to start the search. Or you can contact us as soon as you have found a potential property and would like to get more information. At this point, they will likely require you to sign an exclusive buyer/lease agreement. Signing an exclusive agreement with a tenant representation company ensures that you remain a priority for both your broker and your business landlord. They are considered a credible professional who is committed to the long-term success of his business. . . .