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Denplan Goodwill Transfer Agreement

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Becoming a limited liability company transfers responsibility for the person`s practice, and there may still be tax benefits. However, it`s not always the most effective option for dental practices today, so it`s important to seek advice from a dentist-minded accountant as well as a dentist-minded lawyer to make sure you`re doing the right thing for you. The importance of working with a dentist-minded lawyer is clear when considering a start-up. Similarly, if you have already set up, it is important to check if you can tick all the points above to ensure the legality and effectiveness of your new trade agreement. If you transfer all assets to the firm, you will need to withdraw from the CQC as an individual and re-register as a new limited liability company. If you transfer everything except the goodwill of the NHS that stays with you as a dentist, you will need to keep your individual registration, but you will also need to register the limited liability company. If neither trial is completed, a criminal act will be committed. If this does not happen, there will be no formal agreement between the person and the practice. This means that there would be no protection for the company as there would be no binding clauses in place to prevent a partner from leaving their own firm and starting up later.

It also means that in the event of a dispute with the shareholder and without a formal agreement, there is a much greater chance that the person will be treated as an employee, with the right to standard labour rights and the possibility of claiming compensation from the company. If you borrowed money to buy the firm, then it would usually be a condition for that loan that you did not sell any of the firm`s assets without repaying the loan or without getting permission from the bank. If you create and sell assets to the limited liability company, you are violating your agreement and the bank may demand repayment of the loan. If the bank gets its creation authorization, it will almost certainly want to reconsider the entire lending process and put the new agreement on behalf of the corporation. This is likely to result in legal work and the associated costs. Please read all these terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions As we accept your order and may enter into a legally binding agreement without further reference to you, you must read these Terms and Conditions 7 of the Denplan Products, and any attempt to modify will be void and will give Denplan the right to terminate the Member`s membership and/or cancel the registration of the relevant registered patient with immediate effect. m. The member must immediately notify Denplan if he or a dental registrant treating registered patients is or has been or has been the subject of an application for GDC or has been suspended or removed from the GDC registry. n. The Member must immediately notify Denplan of any criminal or civil proceedings that could damage the reputation of Denplan or the profession.

o. If Denplan provides services to a Member and patients` personal data is used, the Member is responsible for ensuring that the data is provided with Denplan either by using Denplan`s current encryption service provider or other secure means in accordance with Principle Seven of the Data Protection Act. The member must reimburse his registered patients for all temporary emergency treatment fees incurred if the member`s emergency coverage has not been provided. q. In the event of the death of a registered patient, the Member must agree to reimburse all payments received by Denplan on behalf of the Member after the date of such death. r. In the event of termination of a plan contract, the member must comply with the required two-month notice period. The member must also notify Denplan in writing. s. The member must inform Denplan if he/she does not wish to receive communications (written, telephone or electronic) regarding other products and services from Denplan, the simplyhealth group of companies or selected third parties.

Members must keep their contact information with Denplan up to date for the duration of their membership. 8. Purchase, sale and renunciation of ownership of Denplan Goodwill a. If the Member buys or sells the goodwill of a registered patient, the Seller and the Buyer: i. to the extent possible, must notify the Plan in writing of their intentions for at least three months so that Denplan is able to provide appropriate advice and guidance; ii. ensure continuity of dental care arrangements for registered patients; iii. inform all registered patients in writing at least one month in advance of any changes to their contract; Iv. ensure that they read, understand and follow the advice contained in the Denplan Customer Transfer Service Pack and take all reasonable steps to verify the oral health of registered patients; v. ensure that the dentist, dentist or acquiring company can comply with those rules; vi. to acknowledge that Denplan assumes no responsibility for the clinical condition of registered patients in the event of such customer transfers. b. If the Member renounces (rather than sells or transfers) the registered Patient clientele, he/she must: i.

to the extent possible, inform Denplan in writing of his/her intentions for at least three months so that Denplan is able to provide advice and guidance in the interest of ongoing care to registered patients; Ii. work with Denplan to ensure that registered patients are notified in writing for two months of the termination of their Denplan contract; Iii. Ensure that all pending treatments are completed for registered patients. 7 5 5. Administrative services a. Denplan manages: i. maintaining a database of the Member`s registered patient details; ii. Charge fees for patients registered on behalf of the Member; Iii..