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Generator Service Agreement Template

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Woodlands takes a proactive approach to excellent customer service and ensures the reliability of the system. Therefore, our generator service plans are guaranteed to offer absolute security. In this sense, knowing that your systems work with excellence will give you additional confidence in your business. We can also combine our maintenance services with uninterrupted power supply maintenance (ASI) or leave them as separate systems. In short, a generator service contract will cover all the essential aspects. Including oil sample analysis, battery system maintenance, us readings and tests. In addition, it will also cover 24 hours of emergency call and quick response times. In general, a service and maintenance contract for generators should always be considered an essential part of a standby or continuous power system. This maintenance contract includes all labour costs related to routine maintenance related to full inspections and system adjustments, oil modifications and transfer tests, unless otherwise stated the level of the plan. All material costs associated with oil changes (oil, oil filter, oil filter seal) are included. The cost of work and equipment for additional services may vary depending on the level of planning. This maintenance contract includes all costs associated with the correct disposal of all used oils, lubricants, refrigerants and filters. All work and equipment costs for services other than routine maintenance described above, such as the necessary repair.

B, are not included in this maintenance contract. With the customer`s permission, these fees are charged on a time and hardware basis minus plan discounts at the close of the individual transaction, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of sale. In the end, it is invaluable to have peace of order in relation to your business. In this context, our generator service contracts ensure that your devices are operating as intended if necessary. In fact, Woodlands Generators in Evesham can design a maintenance program to meet all your specific needs. However, we fully understand that different customers have different service requirements. ? For this reason, we can adapt our service to your generator service needs. So offer a low-cost, fully optimized generator maintenance contract that meets your specific requirements. Loss of power can be a big problem. On the one hand, it can interrupt the workflow and thus cost the company money. However, a regular generator service ensures that all appliances are fully operational and can of course be supplied with electricity if necessary. Fortunately, all of our service plans offer the flexibility to choose the level of service needed to minimize risk and cost.

However, they all offer regular maintenance visits and you can choose the frequency of visits. The planned methodological tests and preventative maintenance routines are part of the Central Power Services service. Each service contract is tailored to the individual needs of customers, whether the machine is running 24 hours a day or is on standby in the event of a power outage.