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Gpl Software License Agreement

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The fourth draft discussion[34] was published on 31 May 2007. It introduced the compatibility of the Apache version 2.0 license (previous versions are incompatible), clarified the role of external contractors and made an exception to avoid perceived problems of a Microsoft Novell style contract, telling section 11, paragraph 6, that the easiest way to release a program is to place it in the public domain , unprotected. This allows people to share the program and their improvements when they are like this. But it also allows non-cooperative people to turn the program into proprietary software. You can make many or few changes and distribute the result as the proprietary product. The people who receive the program in this modified form do not have the freedom that the original author has given them; The intermediary removed it. In August 2013, according to Black Duck software, the site`s data show that the GPL family of licenses is used by 54% of open source projects, with the various licenses shown in the following table. [106] However, a subsequent study conducted in 2013 showed that GPL-licensed software has increased and that even Black Duck Software data has shown an overall increase in GPL-licensed software projects. The study used public information collected from the Debian project repositories, and the study criticized Black Duck Software for not publishing its method used for collecting statistics.

[122] Daniel German, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria in Canada, gave a lecture in 2013 on methodological challenges in determining the most commonly used free software licenses and showed how he could not replicate the result of the Black Duck software. [123] Published software should be free software. To do it as free software, you need to share it under a free software license. Normally, we use the Gnu General Public License (GNU GPL) with version 3 or later, but we sometimes use other free software licenses. We only use licenses compatible with GNU GPL software for GNU. A number of companies use the multi-license to distribute a LPG version and sell a proprietary license to companies that want to combine the package with proprietary code using dynamic links or not. Examples of these companies are MySQL AB, Digia PLC (Qt framework, before 2011 by Nokia), Red Hat (Cygwin) and riverbank computing (PyQt).