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Regional Forest Agreement Tasmania

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It will help the forest industry adapt to market changes while protecting communities and families who depend on the sector to survive. 10A……. Source of forest information………. 8 1.57 In considering this issue, the Tribunal heard at length from experts on behalf of the applicant and the respondent. It concluded that all three species were present or were likely present in the Wielangta Forest. [81] 1.101 Regional forest agreements have been a step forward in attempts to resolve conflicts over forest use in Australia and have been a vehicle for promoting both knowledge of Australian forest ecosystems and forest management strategies. However, the current investigation has identified persistent obstacles to further progress. 1.104 The Committee is concerned that transparency or accountability may not be properly implemented in its current form. The Chinai reports required by the FRG agreements are not concluded. The Wielangta case has shown that measures that endanger threatened species can be compatible with an FRG. This has raised concerns about whether the RFAs offer a lower level of protection than the EPBC Act in other circumstances. Although there are redress systems in place, the criteria for assessing complaints may lead parties to question the usefulness of the procedure.

The fact that the Australian government has not recently received complaints about the West Australian FRG, despite the issues raised directly by this commission regarding this jurisdiction, underscores this possibility. It is not clear whether new information on the state of conservation and the needs of rare species in AHR areas is sufficient through conservation measures. 38, Part 3, which does not apply to certain FRG logging operations 1.15 The Committee notes that a scoop agreement was reached in 2008 between the Commonwealth and the Government of New South Wales for the first five-year review of the three FRFs in that state. [31] (a) The agreement was concluded taking into account the following assessments of the following issues concerning the region or regions: the agreement signed on 7 August 2011 by the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Tasmania aims to ensure the safety of Tasmania`s forest industry, support local jobs and communities and protect the state`s old-fashioned forests. That Forestry Tasmania had no exception to the relevant provisions of the EPBC Act under the exemption provisions set out in s 38 epBC Act and s 6 (4) of the FRG Act.