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Santa Clara County Mutual Aid Agreement

Opublikowano: październik 6th, 2021 by foto-klinika |

The South Santa Clara County Fire District (SSCCFD) and the Santa Cruz County Fire Department recognize their common intention that the value of the services provided and received by each party is the same. However, there is a consensus that due to the location of available resources in Santa Clara County, it is unlikely that SSCCFD will be able to respond in the same way. As a result, Santa Cruz County SSCCFD will charge $US 10,000 per fiscal year of the agreement, from July 1 to June 30. The amount must be paid annually from Santa Clara County to Santa Cruz County; and is valued on a pro rata basis if, for any reason, the contract is terminated before its expiry date. The General Fund has appropriations for this purpose entered in the budget for special programmes. In the absence of a formal agreement between the South Santa Clara County Fire District and the Santa Clara County Fire Department, residents and land within the annexation remain at risk of a delayed fire and emergency response. The fire, rescue and rescue authority generally endeavours to respond to the most appropriate emergency calls. Since the location of the nearest fire station does not always comply with established district boundaries, automatic assistance agreements are put in place between the competent authority and the authority that controls the nearest resource(s) to ensure the response of the nearest units in the event of an emergency. Until the implementation of the 2014-01 annexation, it was not possible to reach a formal agreement between SSCCFD and the Santa Cruz County Fire Department.