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Service Level Agreement Priority

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1. Go to configure > Services > > Incidents > Priorities & SLAs. SLAs in customer service are time limits agreed by the customer and set out in contracts or in the terms of use. You describe the specific time the company has to respond and resolve different types of requests received from customers. There are three types of SLAs: some specific problems may require more urgent answers or solutions, for example.B. Breakdowns or service problems. Problem-based SLAs assign certain delays to certain types of tickets. Our technicians are able to overwrite our default priority assessment if there is a good reason if you have drawn our attention to this point. A clear understanding of the SLAs associated with your maintenance contract helps to understand the priorities of how work is assigned and set expectations. We can offer tailor-made SLAs that meet your needs – longer coverage periods (24x7x365, weekends, holidays), different reaction speeds, priority or coverage for different types of devices.

Ask for it! The lowest (only information) – ThinkTilt can assign this step if a customer requests information about our apps, but the app works as expected. Administrators can change the service level agreement (SLAs) settings for each service. You can also configure a specific time zone for 1 or more services (eliminating account-wide time zone setting) and change settings to change the calculation of SLAs for incidents in each service. High-quality customers may take priority over a lower or free price plan. .