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Uipath Community Edition License Agreement

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@Lahiru.Fernando thank you for this information. Are there additional costs in the enterprise cloud if we need additional robos? Is dat ok in the community license if I download Uipath sudio and installs throughout the system and runs automation projects (for non-profitable purpose) Hello Palaniyappan and thank you for your response. I know that from a technical point of view, it is possible to install and use UiPath Community Edition on my business PC. But I would be interested in an official point of view of UiPath… whether this type of use is by mutual agreement or contrary to its licensing guidelines. I don`t want to run the robots and later find out that I used the software without license cover, that is, illegally. No no. There is no illegality in the use of community publishing and is made for commercial purpose only between a small group of people for their daily automation goal can, that you will have to confirm once with your team of administrators during the installation of the application in your office premises, and this would be only what we need to think about, otherwise all is well buddy @FlorinCretzu In the event of a conflict between the applicable license agreement and a valid licensing agreement between the customer and UiPath for the use of the UiPath RPA platform, the latter is a priority in the scope of the dispute. The UiPath suite can be activated using the command prompt when running the UiPath platform installation program. To perform this action, you must execute it with the CODE command, followed by the license code. For example: C:-Ui PathPlatform.msi CODE-1234567890 It`s easy to answer this question by browsing our website and browsing the Community Edition comparison with the Enterprise Edition: Free Trial or Community Edition UiPath RPA Software Choose your appropriate UiPath Studio solution: free trial for business use or community publishing for individuals or small businesses. If the business is big enough, you can only request the trial version and then decide whether or not you buy the license.

The device on which the trial version was run will be locked and will no longer be able to activate the community edition at the end of the trial period. Yes, of course, you can use the uipath Community Edition – to use this edition – where you enter and enter your common authentication like gmail id and your password that will lead us to the cloud platform – where we can download the community edition on the RESOURCE tab, you can buy an Orchestrator license by logging into your account or connecting to Orchestrator with your computer key.