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Unisa Agreement

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7.4 All items purchased by Unisa, including study equipment, are manufactured in accordance with agreements with shipping, delivery or transfer agents, and the risk of loss passes from Unisa to such agents with the delivery of an item to that carrier. 12.7 The terms of the contract apply to the period during which a person is a student enrolled at Unisa or until other transactions, such as the purchase or loan of unisa goods, have been concluded under the conditions applicable to such transactions. 7.8 Agreements are not concluded solely by sending a data message to Unisa. Contracts in force require the acceptance of an offer from Unisa. 4.1 If you visit the Unisa website and fill out a web form to request information during that visit, or if you send an e-mail to Unisa and do not explicitly request a non-electronic means of communication, you agree to the electronic receipt of communications from Unisa and agree that all agreements, communications, disclosures and other communications sent by Unisa comply with legal requirements. including, but not limited to, the requirement that such communications be made “in writing”. 21.1 This Agreement will commence when the User begins to use the Unisa Websites and will last indefinitely until Unisa terminates it in accordance with clause 17 or for any other reason. 7.2 These websites are made available “as can be seen” and the user accepts that the use of the websites is at his own risk. These pages have not been compiled or made available to meet the individual needs of the user. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that the service available through and through these sites meets the individual needs of the user and is compatible with the user`s hardware and / or software. “In terms of ease of business, we have increased by 50 percent by signing this agreement alone and it`s a dramatic jump,” said Panchu, a member of the National Legal Service Authority, India. “India has adopted this (convention) and so we have significantly improved the ease of business in India,” he told PTI.

Study opportunities and other products and services offered by Unisa are indicated on various websites on unisa websites. The information provided on these pages may be modified within the meaning of point 18.1. Follow the quick links on the “Study Information” and “Services and Facilities” home page for more details. Academic brochures can also be found at my Registration @ Unisa….