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Walmart Credit Agreement

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For walmart-shop purchases, you can apply online from, choose your desired payment plan, scan your individual user barcode in the registry and pay online with Affirm. 0% APR is an advertising financing offer specific to certain products for a limited time. For items that are not eligible for 0% APR financing, your APR rate varies between 10 and 30% depending on the balance. The exact conditions for which you qualify will be displayed when registering with Affirm. Walmart offers simple and affordable monthly payments online and in stores with Affirm, at a rate you choose –3, 6 or 12 months. Alternative to outsourcing, you can buy immediately and pay over time. During the checkout, Affirm always shows you the exact terms (subject to your fee) and the total amount of interest you will pay, and never charges you anything more. Unlike most credit cards, Affirm does not charge a fee. This does not mean late fees, no down payment fees, no annual fees, no hidden fees and no service charges to open or close your Affirm account. These categories are not exhaustive and can be changed without notice. To acquire financing opportunities, you need to provide another method of payment. Affirm can offer special financing of up to 0% APR for certain products

This means that you may be able to make monthly interest-free payments with Affirm. If you look at the products on, some items can be labeled as “0% APR with Affirm.” Items that may benefit from interest-free financing may change. Some categories are not eligible, including: Here are some frequently asked questions about financing your purchases at Walmart: . . . Affirm funds are available for eligible purchases from Walmart between $144 and $2000, including taxes. Eligible categories include: . Currently, the 0% APR, interest-free financing program with Affirm is available only on, but you can still make interest-bearing purchases with Affirm in store.